where is my damn allowance

shift or so called flexi schedule for housemanship has been around since September 2011. there are many issues uprising since its implementation but everything have its own ups and down. after about 5 months everybody from the consultant, specialist, medical officer, houseman and staff nurses already able to coping with the new system, everybody seem to except the pro and cons of the systems, even personally i prefer to be back to oncall system.
the rm600 per month allowance for the flexi system have been due since september, means if govt will pay for the allowance, the houseman will get about rm3000 cash in the paycheck.. but sadly the promise is always a promise and govt will be a govt, and for sure if they gonna pay the allowance, they will pay it before the general election.. but do they really bother the minority of the houseman in the community or in the parliamentary seat? they dun bother coz houseman only contribute too tiny percentage of the voter and most of them dun even registered as a voter and if they registered, how many of them will have time to vote?
everyone of us can only weaning and weeping to each other.. or probably if we given the better option by the opposition we could consider our tiny number to be counted in the opposition ballot boxes?
we r human, and 600 per months is a lots of money, so where is my damn allowance?